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Arts + Business Council Volunteers of the Year Nomination Form

Arts & Business Council (ABC) Volunteer of the Year award winners are nominated by the arts clients they served. One volunteer per ABC program will be recognized every year for outstanding volunteer service.

* required information


The nominee is an active volunteer for ABC in one of the following ABC programs: Business Volunteers for the Arts (BVA), Business On Board, Technology Connectors, or Philadelphia Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (PVLA).*

The ABC volunteer has accepted a volunteer assignment through an ABC program during the past two years or continues to be active as a board member after completing the Business On Board training.*

The nominee shows commitment to the arts and exemplifies strong community involvement.*

The volunteer nominated has not previously received an Arts & Business Council Award.*

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Headquartered in the Greater Philadelphia Region*

A nonprofit arts or cultural organization [Business Volunteers for the Arts, Business On Board, Technology Connectors, Philadelphia Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (PVLA)]; or an individual artist, arts collective or group [PVLA only]*

A recipient of volunteer or pro bono services from an ABC volunteer within the past two years.*

(The Volunteer Being Nominated)


1. What arts and cultural organization(s) or artist(s) did the nominee assist and when? (250 word limit)

2. Describe the project(s) or board service provided: (250 word limit)

3. What were the nominee’s major activities in support of the arts organization/arts client? (250 word limit)

4. What was the impact of the nominee’s contributions to the organization(s)? Will the impact be short-term, or sustained? (250 word limit)

5. Did the nominee involve his/her company’s resources? If so, how? (250 word limit)

6. Did the nominee lead or engage other colleagues or volunteers on the project? If so, whom? (250 word limit)

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