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To apply for legal assistance from PVLA, please complete the adjacent form outlining your goals and specific needs. Once completed, a member of our program staff will reach out to schedule an interview.

Please note, artists and arts and culture organizations pay an administrative fee when a PVLA volunteer is placed. The fee is:

  • $75 — PA Patent Program

Thank you for choosing PVLA as the place to work collaboratively with the legal sector. We look forward to assisting you with a patent-related legal matter!

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Request for Assistance

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Confidentiality Notice: Attorneys licensed in Pennsylvania and other states take an oath to adhere to Rules of Professional Conduct, which require an attorney to keep consultations confidential. This confidentiality extends even if no official attorney-client relationship is formed

Please list all parties involved with your legal request. Examples may be other individuals, corporations, law firms, attorneys, etc.

Terms of Service: I hereby affirm that the information contained in this application, or attached to it, is correct, and to the best of my knowledge, complete. This questionnaire fully and accurately describes the problem for which this organization is requesting legal assistance. I understand that (1) PVLA and the Arts + Business Council for Greater Philadelphia (ABC) cannot guarantee that it will be able to refer my case to a volunteer attorney; (2) PVLA and ABC will not be responsible for the outcome of any referral which it makes; (3) I am free to select or not select any attorney to whom I am referred; (4) any attorney to whom I may be referred is free to accept or not accept the referral; (5) PVLA and ABC do not make any representations or guarantees about the quality of legal assistance which any attorneys to which I may be referred may provide; (6) I will be represented by the referred lawyer, not PVLA nor ABC; and (7) I agree to promptly notify PVLA and ABC if I no longer need the assistance of a volunteer.

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