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PNC Arts Alive for Arts Innovation In Honor of Peggy Amsterdam Nomination Form

This award will recognize a visual and/or performing arts group that has successfully demonstrated an innovative approach to increasing arts access and engagement.

PNC Arts Alive is a five-year, $5-million program by The PNC Foundation designed to support visual and performing arts organizations. The goal is to increase engagement in the arts, expand audiences, and make the arts more accessible to diverse audiences in the Philadelphia metropolitan area and Southern New Jersey.

Note: Organizations are welcome to nominate themselves.

* required information


Organization is a nonprofit with 501(c)(3) status.*

Organization is a visual or performing arts group.*

Organization is located in the five-county Southeastern Pennsylvania area including Philadelphia, Chester, Bucks, Montgomery and Delaware counties or Southern New Jersey area, including Burlington, Camden, Glouster and Salem counties.*

Organization is not a school, university or education institution, historical or science museum.*

If nominating a specific program or project, it occurred within the last two years – 2014 or 2015*

Note: Organization does NOT have to be a PNC Arts Alive grantee.

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Executive Director Contact Info
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1. Describe the innovative approach(s) and/or project that increased the organization’s audiences or deepened the engagement of its audiences in new ways. How is this approach/project different or new for the organization? What was the process for deciding if this approach/project was worth taking on? (250 word limit)

2. What was the organization hoping to achieve with this approach and/or project? What were the specific goals and objectives? (250 word limit)

3. What quantifiable evidence proves that the organization was successful in expanding its audiences or deepening their engagement? (For example: attendance increased from last year by how much, frequency of attendance as compared to last year, introduction to new audiences, conversion of attendees to volunteers and/or donors) (250 word limit)

4. What plans does the organization have for sustaining this project or practice? How will they continue a pattern of innovation and creative thinking for continued audience expansion and engagement? (250 word limit)


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